Promo Codes in PokerStars

PokerStars Bonus Codes

Poker fans are surely familiar with the popular PokerStars Casino. This gaming site is popular not only to the poker players but also to the casino goers for other games. Big tournaments such as World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) and Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) are hosted by PokerStars.

This gaming site is known for its generous promotions given to both new players and loyal players. It offers different bonus codes that can be used in different games. Learn about the available bonus codes in PokerStars to get a chance to take the home higher amount of winnings.

What Are Bonus Codes?

Bonus codes are a special combination of letters and numbers entered in the gaming site to get some rewards. It can be used to wager on the games and earn more cash prize. These are also often referred to as coupon or vouchers.

Such promotions are usually used by the online casinos to attract more players on their site. In addition, it is also a marketing strategy of the gaming sites to make their loyal players play and deposit more on the game. Bonus codes are sometimes freely posted on the casino's websites, while others require the players to perform particular tasks in exchange of getting the voucher. Still, these bonus codes can be rewarding for the players to have.

There are gaming sites that regularly give out bonus codes for its players. Lucky are the players who can find this kind of promo because other casinos are just offering their vouchers for a certain period of time. In fact, most gaming sites are often changing the bonus codes every season probably to keep the players coming. Bonuses from the Pokerstars Casino are helpful indeed. There is definitely a perfect bonus code for every player.

Types of Casino Bonus Codes

Casino bonus codes come in many forms. There are regular bonus codes and no deposit bonus codes. Below are some differences between these two types of bonuses:

* One of the prominent difference between these two is the deposit required. The regular bonus codes usually ask the players to deposit a certain amount of cash, while the other does not require any amount of cash to be paid.

* The time frame when a player can receive his or her reward may differ. Since players do not need to shell out money to get the no deposit bonus, it can be instantly given to the players as soon as they use the code. Meanwhile, a regular bonus that requires payment can be delayed for a few days depending on how fast the deposit method used.

* Wagering requirements may also vary. Those with no deposit bonus codes may have higher and more complicated wagering requirements that players should meet.

Regular bonus codes may also have the requirements, but since players also deposit a specific amount of cash, the requirement may not be difficult for the players.

These types of bonuses can still be beneficial for the players. Regardless of what code is used, players can gain some edge with the help of these promos.

How to Use Bonus Codes

The first step of utilizing a bonus code is to read the terms and conditions. There is no such thing as a free lunch. It is always recommended for the players to know the wagering requirements that should be met. It will determine if the bonus code is worth taking or not. There could be some codes that have too much wagering requirement that can be impossible to be done. Always consider the number of times that the reward should be wagered and also see the maximum cash out allowed. There are instances wherein the player is only allowed to withdraw a certain amount of limit from the total number of winnings brought by the bonus codes.

Once the wagering requirement has been verified, then it is time to agree and enter the code. Players can easily follow the instructions on how to enter the voucher code details and get rewarded. As soon as the player got the additional credit on the bankroll, he or she can start playing the game. Keep in mind the wagering requirements that should be done.

After playing the credits from the rewards and completing the wagering necessities, players can then withdraw the winnings. Make sure to use a secured withdrawal method in cashing out the prize. It may take a couple of days before players can fully receive the money from their bonus codes.

PokerStars Casino Bonus Codes

Using the casino bonus codes can surely add some thrill in playing games from the PokerStars. Below are some promo codes that players may redeem.

One of the PokerStars bonus is the First Deposit Bonus. Players simply need to use the bonus code "STARS600" to claim the 100% match up bonus up to $600. It can be a good opportunity to increase the initial deposit made by the new players.

Another bonus code that is worth using is the code "THIRTY" that can be used during the deposit, too. This voucher will give players additional $30 worth of free play. Tournament fanatics may enter the code "SOCHITICKETS" upon depositing $10 to get three (3) freeroll tickets to the EPT Sochi Depositor Freerolls. All these codes can be used to further enjoy the PokerStars gaming experience.